Welcome to the tutorials page! This is a small page where I write down links to tutorials that have helped me a lot in my time in the community. I hope that through this page the skills and information required to develop new content for the Creatures series becomes more commonplace in the community, aswell as giving an insight onto what tutorials already exist, so we don't go about making redundant tutorials when we could focus elsewhere.

Tutorial Sources:
Creatures Development Network, VERY useful site with many tutorials which helped me pick up CAOS and Creatures Development. Any aspiring developer should expect to be visiting here more than just a few times!

Metaroom development:
Using the Map Editor Part 2 (Including how to make favourite places, doors and vendors!)

Agent development:
How to create .agents files for C3 and DS
Making Food objects for C3
Making a Vendor for C3


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  1. This page is still in progress, expect some changes from time to time.